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Hello Paul...

Do you remember telling me to add the Queen Mary 2 as a priority on the condition that I find you pictures?
So here is 2 a side view and a view from above! I hope you will be able to work with that ?! Of course, when your work permits!

In closing I saw on wikipedia that the Queen Mary 2 has a speed of 29.3 knots! Fabulous not ?!

PLEASE, confirm me that is ok ...

Hey, its not a bad top down picture but not great either. It looks like its a reconstructed top down image of 3D photogrametry.

At what location did you find it? Maybe I can extract a better image from it.


Find on Google Earth / Maps at 40 41'06.49 "N 74 00'45.54" W The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal!

Sorry no more photos! ::)

I managed to extract a 4800px image of qm2 but it will need some processing to get rid of the 3D model look.

Tanks i'am very happy!



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