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Controls display & ship's behaviour
« on: November 08, 2016, 05:03:45 am »
Hello, My name is Nico, I am sailing as a deck officer / DPO onboard cable ships, and I have been expecting this simulator for sooo long ! Thank you very much !

As I just signed off recently, I am testing this simulator for the first time and it's really great !
nevertheless, I have few remarks to make the simulator more realistic.

The first one is about the steering controls. The display and command is quite unusual compared to what I am used to. In my experience, the 0 or midships mark is on top of the knob and when the operator wants to alter heading to starboard, he turns the control knob clockwise to the right and pushes the pitch control lever forward. In fact the control knob is set in the direction the operator wants the propeller to push (like the bow thrusters control).

My second remark is about the swinging inertia which is set very low on the simulator. In real life, once they are set on a significant rate of turn, big ships tend to keep this rate of turn for a long time except if the wheel is met on the other side to stop the giration.

I hope you find my remarks relevant ! I would be very happy if I could help !!


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Re: Controls display & ship's behaviour
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2016, 02:49:15 pm »
Nice, that is fantastic and very welcome feedback. Can you elaborate on the steering controls? Which ship are you referring to?

So, as for rate of turn, are you saying that once a rate of turn is established , it keeps going for longer after the steering input is set to neutral?

Possibly you can help me by taking high quality top down photos on controls on your control panel. I can edit these and turn them into interactive controls. I have been hoping for a while to get to talk to actual officers as I have no experience with large ships at all.