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after i log in with facebook i can only use anchored ships and see the log

Can you post a screenshot please? Also please tell me the operating system and browser you are using.

Rene' Meier:
the same happens with me, after i log in with google chrome i can only use anchored ships (the Oasis of the Sea in Auckland and see the log. All other functions do not work!?

Always try CTRL F5 first to refresh the page. Browsers save some files for more efficient use of the Internet but sometimes they are outdated and no longer compatible with other newer files.

CTRL F5 page refresh fixes that. If not please post a screenshot. Everything should work as per normal.

I have same problem:
I can play in guest mode, but once I login, the links doesn't work anymore. Besides, I'm not able to login with Facebook anymore, but I can login with google.
SO: W10
Browser: booth Chrome and IE, and I tried Playing via Facebook
I can see the shipslog, and rejoin the last game.
Once I delete cookies, I'm loged out, and I can choose every link and it works.
Thank you very much in advance.


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