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Ship's Log incorrect
« on: January 01, 2017, 07:42:34 am »

I noticed some irregularities in Ship's Log:

- Distance:
Sailing from Auckland to Tokyo with QM2 showed 7780 nm in the logbook, Google Maps measuring function only 4995 nm.
The way back from Yokohama to Auckland added another 7637 nm to it, but Google Maps only 4924 nm. The point to point distance in Ships2 navigation chart is 4770 nm each, what is quite close to the real distance, because you go straight ahead to the Fidji Islands, and then a little left to Japan. There is a factor of 1.55 in the Ship's Log.
As an additional measurement, I used the distance from Nuuk on Greenland to L'Anse aux Meadows on Newfoundland, what is with Google 806 nm, and in Ship's log 1197 nm. Again a factor of approximately 1.5.

- Idle Time:
As I rediscovered Ships2Career on 6th October, and I stuck in it every day (hear the whine of my wife), only 100 days have elapsed since then. But in Ship's Log there are ships with Idle Time of 400, 500, and even 1385 days. I have no overview about the times the ships ran really, but the journey from Auckland to Tokyo and back to Auckland took me not longer than 10 days, but in the Ship's Log I can find 32 days.

This is for your records.

Best regards

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